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i wrote two poems. tell me what you all think, please :)

I was born in love.
My early years we're filled with obnoxious music
needles, powder, and smoke.
They did me wrong.
Then I got thrown into a different kind of love.
A cleaner, more conservitative love.
A strict kind of love.
Although that love was pure I longed for the first love.
The love that did me wrong, the love I forgave.
Although the second was clean and pure.
Why do we always go back to the love that did us wrong?

and the second..

That misleading heartbeat.
So loudly beneath your chest,
leading me to beleive that yes, you really like me.
yes, i excite you.
the next day confused and ignoring sleep and food.
all my self worth goes to you.
my self worth is not my own, just like our bodies are not our own.
if i think highly of myself i will take it too far.
its either black or white.
life or death; there is no being content.
this fuck of a being, a body, a face.
this fuck of a mistake that god made.
or this lovely girl standing in the mirror.
with her blue eyes.
that's what your heartbeat leads me too.
if only i could beleive what other people say is true.

even if you dont like the poems, tell me how i can improve <3