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European 'Rant' Tour Dates

Hey guys,

I've been on Chuck and his Agent about this for months now. But it's been tough to get a straight answer, as I don't think either of them knew for sure where Chuck would be touring overseas yet. I know he's in Italy right now, as I type this, but I think it's only for vacation. I can tell you though that as of now, he is [b]not[/b] touring the UK. Here were the quick details he gave me last week about what he [i]does[/i] know about his overseas tour:

First week of Sept. , books festival in Mantova, Italy. -- actual event details to come
Sept. 9 -- evening event in Berlin, Germany
Sept. 10 -- evening event in Hamburg
Sept. 11 -- evening event in Vienna/Austria
Sept. 12 -- evening event in Munich

More details to come soon.