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Epic Real Life Failures

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The real cop behind the mace incident sadly was not Frank(jk).

Anyway this is how the story goes...

Once upon a time I had a couple of stoner friends who wanted to go hot box in my car. I lend them the keys as I continued mingling at the party. On the way to my car they ran into one of my buddies who was training to be a firefighter at the time. He decided to go with them in my car and being the cautious one he decided that they should move the car away from the party. As they had just finished hot boxing, someone flashed a light into the car and knocked on the driver side window. My firefighter buddy rolled down the window as the cop asked what they were doing there. They took him out of the car and got his information. As my friend sat on the curb the cops leaned in my car and continued to ask the two stoner girls question. Randomly he asks "Were you polishing your nails?" Next thing you know he was grabbing his face because he had just maced himself when he leaned up against my car.

My car stunk and burned my eyes for the next two weeks even after I tried cleaning the interior. Luckily my friends didn't get in trouble but yeah I got to suffer the next two weeks for letting them borrow my car.