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Entering ur cultz

I'm new here and thought I'd drop by to introduce myself. I'm Jaakko, 20, an amateur musician and a professional slacker from Finland. I've been an avid reader of Chuck for a long time now. My story has probably been heard before: it started with Fincher's [I]Fight Club[/I] soon after it came out, and, well, as I was in a fragile state of mind it had a hell of an influence on me. Since then I've read all his novels -- although I must admit that when it came to [I]Diary[/I] I had to call it quits, but I hope to finish that one as well some day. As for my favorite: it is a three-way tie between [I]Survivor[/I], [I]Choke[/I] and [I]Invisible Monsters[/I], but aside from [I]Diary[/I], the only book I really didn't dig was [I]Rant[/I]. I'm also a big fan of Bret Easton Ellis, Hubert Selby Jr., Fedor Dostoevsky, Charles Bukowski, ... You know the drill.

I've been following the Cult for quite a time (a few years in fact) but it took me until five minutes ago to register. I've been really lazy with this internet-based social life but this seems like a good-enough place to start.

Feel free to talk to me about anything, 'cos ultimately, I'm just amazingly bored. You wouldn't believe how bored I am.