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enjoying the downtown core with the city administration - in the dawn xingxing benefits to both the multi-storey modern Chinese

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Huaihua News Network News December 12 , Township Uggs on sale tripod Chinese county team training will be held in forest fire prevention , fire prevention , including training , fire paths , fire precautions and other methods , township eight rangers and fire more than 50 players participated in the training .

winter , in order to further enhance awareness of prevention of forest fires , forest fire prevention work to improve the overall level , tripod village ahead , Take Measures , preparing for winter and next spring forest fire work , take preventive measures .

First, strengthen leadership, improve command system . Strictly implement the responsibility system of local administrative leaders , like signed their target management responsibility , clearly the leading group of forest fire prevention duties christian louboutin the member units to ensure that professional fire suppression forest fire command , the overall linkage .

two perfect teams, and strengthen fire prevention fire suppression capability. Training forest fire team , the establishment of townships and villages , set forest fire network , recruiting members of eight rangers regularly patrol .

Third, improve the information system , a 2christian louboutin cheap 4-hour duty system, fire link card system and the limited information reporting system to ensure timely fire science disposal.

Fourth adhere to the prevention , strengthening early warning systems. Strictly enforce the normal publicity early warning mechanism , forest fire investigation mechanism , the implementation of forest fire Fenpianbaogan responsibility , dicing inspection , forest fire , fire all-round real-time monitoring .

is the source : Huaihua News
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picture shows Chinese villa

Forest Lyrics Home News ( editor Polex replica angzhuo ) villa forest China ( sample size between the Forum Album Reviews Map Search ) project is currently in selling few products will soon be sold out , the average price 20,000 yuan / square meter , the product size range of 350-860 square meters.

forest Hua Shu (Forum Album Reviews Map search between model units ) in the net on Economic Development Zone Warbler Road and Indus Street Interchange. Surrounding the project are: 120 Road ( Information School of Economics - one-stop auto plant ) , 160 ( Moon Lake - Sun City ) to reach the People's Square and the railway station , light rail two ( satellite to Changchun Movie Wonderland Plaza, above) , by light rail to the train station, bus 103 small car .

project floor area ratio 0.22 , 75% green , covers an area of ​​83,259 square meters , total construction area of ​​18,317 square meters , planned number of Replica christian louboutin , gym , etc. ;

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above information is for reference only , the developer announced the end to prevail . The manuscript for the exclusive original manuscript Sina Locke , Copyright , quoted or reprinted , please indicate the source .

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mountains ceremony : Today is the day of friends down mountains in the winter , when mining can be safely , proceeds smoothly to complete the winter and mountain mining site live .

folklorists Cao Baoming : As forests gradually developed , as we strengthen the modernization of this ancient ritual is itself gradually into endangered , we call him This ceremony continues the mountains , mountains which protect the ceremony , is in fact save this culture.

accompanied by loud chant of forests , forestry workers began skidding , cutting a good wood delivered to the foot of the mountain , to date , they areWedding dresses  still using the most primitive mode of production - ox skidding . Dunhua Forest Liu Dadong , said: but while it does improve the efficiency of erosion have created a great impact . Said the local forestry workers , and now here in the forest timber production accounted for the proportion of the economy has been less than half the forest cover was gradually increased .
Nanjing Forest Police College, according to news December 9, 2011, the Eighth East police tactics police college seminar in Nanjing Forest Police Court was held. College party secretary Wang Qiu welcome to attend, the President Zhanggao Wen attended the opening ceremony and opening remarks, Professor Zhao Jinghua Police Department hosted Wedding dresses 
director of police tactics on behalf of the organizer system frequency to speak, and the Institute of Nanjing Forest Police SWAT school experience, a comprehensive and informative presentation. After the technical and tactical police department organized a Into the opening ceremony of the conference, seminar hall, police studies and co-operation with the venue three sub-venues, from the opening ceremony, open class show, battle force display, seminars, thesis awards, visit the school co-operation with the police, the Association flag handover ceremony and other sub-sessions, rich and full of innovation, has been from more than 20 police academies in China, more than 10 cities SWAT teams, real grass-roots public security, education and training sector more than 100 delegates and full recognition praise, but also for the Nanjing Forest Police School police tactics to further enhance the work of teaching and training provides a unique learning opportunity to exchange ideas.
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Professor Wang Yong, Fujian Police Academy session at the seminar concluded affectionate said that the seminar to hear the most is the SWAT Police College in the achievements of schools is shocking and I did not expect; in special police school, teaching and training of police tactics and police security and law enforcement capabilities experience is shocking and I did not expect; in police Fighting and other curriculum innovation breakthrough is shocking and did not expect; all these experiences and practices of China's public security institutions will become a valuable asset SWAT school, and lead the teaching and training of our Armed Police to a higher level.

Chinese People's Public Security University, Professor Yin Wei reflections in the discussion session, a child dreamed of becoming a special police, a dedicated, willing to sacrifice, brave, upright of the special police, where police in the forest SWAT School teachers and students who seem to have found the origin of dreams, support forest police SWAT schoocolor flower girl dresses l hospital, is to support open, fair and impartial; support forest police SWAT school hospital, is to support the Chinese special police back-up personnel training in the future.

Jiangsu Province Public Security Bureau deputy chief anti-terrorism Corps Yang Dexiang position in the seminar session, graduate students Forest Police SWAT unit's outstanding performance in combat, it is moved, in the future in student employment, professional development, etc. give Forest Police SWAT School for greater efforts to support education.


According to reports, forest carbon sinks througbridesmaid gowns h forest management is to allow the plant more forests to absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide , and fixed in vegetation or soil, thereby reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere the concentration . This is the most viable

Currently, the city has been included in the national carbon emissions trading one of seven pilot provinces and cities , to the Currently, relevant departments through the design of research and demonstration forest carbon sinks means that if a company's existing production process may result in excessive emissions of carbon dioxide , then you need to spend money to buy carbon emissions trading center to the forest areas for agriculture to transform and improve the forest 's carbon sequestration capacity , and the excessive amount of their balance ; otherwise, companies need to spend money to improve the technical process , to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

According to reports, Hechuan Wanzhou thermal power plants and has reached a preliminary intention after the town , ready to take the lead in carrying out forest carbon trading .

City Vice Chairman Yang Tianyi , attended the opReplica watches for men ening ceremony.

Enshi Phoenix Mountains Forest Park fire emergency drills Enshi News



10 minutes later , more than 20 parks managed by the staff of the Fire Brigade , bring dry powder fire extinguisher wind fire extinguisher and other equipment , rushed to the scene . Five minutes later , the fire under control. This is the day the state Linke Suo Phoenix Mountains Forest Park Management of the fire scene of the emergency drill .

now , chow Phoenix Mountains Forest Park into the fire the critical period . The emergency response exercise designed to test the park system , park managers to further improve the fire safety awareness , so that it can skillfully use a variety of fire-fighting equipment. After exercise , Linke Suo also invited professionals to fire you on the principles of fire prevention , fire fighting knowledge of basic methods .

( network edit : to the West )

Source: Daily Enshi56684162011-Unique Wedding Dresses 12-08 16:03:34.0 left Yongfeng Chunhua a variety of measures to strengthen the winter forest fire forest fire prevention , plan management , forest , fire suppression , 14145 Xianyang He Chunhua Lu / enpproperty ->

Soon variety of measures to strengthen the winter of county forest fire prevention. One is to increase publicity efforts to enhance national awareness of fire prevention . The county paid a total of more than 50,000 copies of various promotional materials , the use of propaganda more than 200 car trips . Second, with the towns of the county government signed letters of responsibility for fire prevention , fire protection and fire prevention at all levels to implement the responsibility . Third, focus, strict forest wild Huoyuanguanli . Fourth, strengthen the management plan , developed and improved forest fire 24-hour duty system. Fifth, strengthen the infrastructure and continuously improve the anti- fire suppression capability. Funds from various sources more than 20 million service forest fire road 20 km, 30 new fire monument , opened fire buffer zone 30 km of the original 40 wind fire extinguisher , a radio , 4 radio and six fire vehicle maintenance and needed to add some fire fighting equipment . [ Home ]
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