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A Englishman Not From London

Good morning (or afternoon...or evening depending on time zone).

My name is LJ and I'm a noob. Thought I'd post a little introduction aboard the 'New Members' thread.

I'm a Brit but, unlike a number of other threads I've read, I'm not a Londoner or a southerner. I'm camped in York - Yorkshire born n' bred - and am a Journalism graduate with a penchant for music journalism, random scribbling, alternative thoughts, things on a tangent and art. To date I've never penned a novel but I'd like to think I will one day. My current plans reside around forging a career in writing (somehow) without moving to London and to continue brainstorming quirky ideas for a graphic novel I want to write, draw and push.

I've read most of Palahniuk, Ellis and am working my way through Coupland. I have a wife who loves Times Arrow by Amis and is pushing me to read it so I imagine that'll be soon. I also love reading gonzo journalism rants and the work of Lester Bangs. I often moan about the NME and can generally be found talking about music wherever possible. I joined the good ship Cult to chat and get some recommendations as I intend to read lots in '09. Couple with my gym obsession, desire to create and live a life, I should be in for a busy year.

I've read the forums without joining for a couple of months so all thats left to say is 'HEY people'