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Echo Lawrence AKA Toni Wiedling????

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I haven't been on this site in years until recently, so I don't know if this has been mentioned before and apologize in advance if this was talked about lengthly before. I reread Rant this week for the 3rd or 4th time now, and had never noticed this before.

It started in the last Werewolf (V) chapter. There's an ominous character that appears. I say ominous, because that character actually has no backgroung except of being a party crasher. There is no direct link between this character and other characters in the book, yet this character seems to know a lot about the Rant clique in party crashing. That character is Toni Wiedling, and just like Echo, I first assumed it was man, until I read her contributor part. Then what's weird is that in the contributor's list, there is no Echo Lawrence. She's the only character in the book that doesn't appear in the list.

There are several things that make me think Echo and Toni are the same person. Tina Something mentions that if you'd ask her in a couple of months, she wouldn't even remember who Waxman was, because he had killed his parents in the past and that his existence was erased from everywhere even if he was still alive. Then Shot mentions that Echo, if she managed to go back in the past, she'd be here today, all healthy without her paralysis, that would probably mean she'd also kill her parents, maybe out of spite to her mother for what she did, so people would forget who Echo Lawrence was, hence those who gathered the testimonials and made the contributor's list. Then there's that part where Green Simms has his last interaction with Echo. He tells her that he's the one organizing party crashing and that without him there wouldn't be any party crashing. He then disappears leaving Echo behind. And then, in the contributor's list we read from Toni Wiedling :

""Continues to participate in party crash events but denies all rumors that she's assumed the role of game organizer.""

And it's actually the last sentence of the book.

It is also noticable that in the contributors list, there is no mention of boost peak technology. Echo says that if Shot went back into the past, we would wake-up in a world without boost peak. Although Shot does appear in the contibutors list. So I concluded that both these events took place, both Echo and Shot went back into the past.

Or, I then had a change of mind. Maybe Toni is Tina. Because she was last seen entering a Viper that crashed... with no one found dead at the scene. Probably in Wax's Viper. Still, why would Echo be missing from the contributor's list while Tina Something does appear there. But, there's also at the begining of the book... Palahniuk asks : "Do you ever wish you'd never been born?" So really, I think Toni is Echo's new name, just like Rant with Simms.

Or maybe Toni was just that 163 years old chick who climbs out naked and unscathed from a car crash. Or maybe Echo is that 163 years old chick, and then names herself Toni.

What's your thoughts?