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Ebay Help/Is there anything good on TV on Sunday Nights?

OK, I'm working on some ebay listings so I can go to Italy for 5 weeks without (hopefully) using my credit cards.

So my question is a serious one:[B] Are there any shows, cable, or otherwise that people are addicted to on Sunday nights? [/B]The reason I ask is, I want to end my auctions at a time that works for people in different time zones.

I posted an auction for a signed FC that is going nowhere and I got one ebay member emailing me that he bids in the last 15 minutes of an auction and that I effectively cut him out because my auction ends around 1:30 AM his time. (He was very snotty, but it really is a valuable bit of advice.)

So, I am thinking ending my next auctions around 7:00 PM my time (Pacific) , which is still reasonable for east coast bidders.

So what is a good TV night to end my auctions if not a Sunday?