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Early unsigned books for sale: RE: Chuck's FALL 2011 TOUR

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Hey all - For sale are a few different scarce and early Chuck books. All are affordable and unsigned, available for you to bring to Chuck's 'Damned' tour to get signed/stamped/burned/etc. Wouldn't it be sweet instead of Chuck's creative tour stamps, this year he would burn a logo into the covers with a hot poker?

1995 Pursuit of Happiness (1st true printing of Fight Club)

1996 Story Magazine (Early printing 'Project Mayhem' story story of Fight Club)

1997 Story Magazine (Early printing of Survivor)

2000 Fiction for the Rest of Us (Early printing of Choke)

Also available are groups of books to save on shipping:

Ebay Set #2
Contains 1995 Pursuit of Happiness, 1997 Story & 2000 Fiction.

Ebay Set #3
Contains 1995 Pursuit of Happiness, 1996 Story Magazine, and 1997 Story Magazine.

Ebay Set #4
Contains 1997 Story Magazine and 2000 Fiction

Although it appears I just joined up with the Cult to post these ebay auctions, I've actually been a non-logged in observer since before Rant came out. I heard about Chuck from the word of mouth about 'Guts' and the crazy Haunted tour that supported the book. I was also (and still do) ordering all my books through St. Helens since I lived out in Portland for a few years.

And, no, I am not the guy that is trying to sell an unsigned copy of Pursuit of Happiness on Ebay for $175, or a signed copy for $195 - although I have observed a signed copy of the same title sell for that much.

Let me know if you have any questions. You can read up about all these titles under the Cult's Bibliography page.