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E3 2010 Day 1 - Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft.

Just thought I would share a few pieces of interesting software from today's show. This is the stuff that has me particularly psyched, there was some other stuff that looked cool too. If you want more, head over to gametrailers, they have a ton of content up.

- Gears of War 3 looks awesome. 4 player campaign will be mighty fun. Lots of cool shit in this.. Pay attention, you can trade weapons!  Hey, it's the little things in life... 


- The new Ghost Recon looks very promising, though a bit like MGS4. I used to love the GR series but the last few games haven't really interested me much. I'm happy to see a GR game that looks damn neat.


- New Metal Gear game looks interesting. Plus, you can accurately chop fruit. Looks like cutting shit with that awesome sword will be the selling point here.


- Dance Central has potential to be pretty fun for the right people and I think is a good Kinect demo. Sure, I won't buy this, but the demo is impressive.


- After nearly 10 years, there is a new NFS: Hot Pursuit. And it's done by Criterion! Hot Pursuit is the ONLY game in the NFS series I have ever really enjoyed. Plus the fact that Criterion is making it (The team that does Burnout), tells me this should be nothing but win.


- Other than the space marine armor, Dead Space 2 looks pretty bad ass. I was alittle concerned after all the principals form the first game left the studio.


- Star Wars: The Old Republic has another amazing trailer. Too bad the game looks nothing like this, but the trailer is a damn nice follow up from the trailer they showed at last year's E3.


- Crysis 2 sure looks pretty. Dunno if it will be good but it sure looks intense.


- Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood doesn't actually look like the cash grab I expected it to be. Lots of neat stuff going on.


- Bulletstorm still looks bat shit insane. "you scared my dick off"... I like the fact that they acknowledge the entire point of this game is to be as over the top as possible. And it shows.

- I am super stoked about Child of Eden, from the guy who did REZ, Lumines and Space Channel 5. This is what might have me buying a Kinect. Really wish I could find the actual live demo they did for this.

Also, I suspect if you had young kids you would probably be obligated to buy this. Another great Kinect demo. And it beats the pants off the 'eyepet' that Sony has been showing off for like 2 years now.