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Dreams involving cult members


I had this dream that was like a cop movie. I think it was probably inspired by a real cop movie that I saw sometime, but I haven't remembered the original yet. My wife, daughter, parents, and sister were in it as themselves. Cult members were in it as other plainclothes detectives, like morey, cassun, minuet, disx, alene, and others. I'm not sure who the bad guys were, I think they probably came from the movie if I can remember it.

Parts of it were in a hospital, or outside the hospital, in the parking garage. Parts were in a house. I don't know who the guy was who was like the #2 cop. He was tall, like I'm 6'1" and I had to look up at this guy. He had short, straight, dark hair. The denoument was that we're in a shootout, and the #3 guy, who is shorter than me with sandy blond, curly hair, realizes that the #2 guy has really been working with the bad guys the whole time. It was something the #2 guy said, a slip that he knew somebody he shouldn't have known, that kind of thing. But the #2 guy is kind of hesitating, like he's really become our friend during the course of the story, and even he's not sure whether he's going to be on our side now in this shootout or if we're going to have to shoot him, but then I woke up.