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Dreaming of Chuck

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Hey guys... first of all my apologies if a thread about this has been started yet. I look for it but dont find it.
Last night I had a strange dream and Mr. Palahniuk was on it.
The thing is that I was walking down the street and as I passed a animal theme park (!?) I saw a sign there that says that Chuck Palahniuk autor of fight club was inside givin a lecture. I hurried into the park and cursed under my breath because I has my copy of "vernon god Little" instead of "Diary" (wich I finished some days erlier).
I get into the room where the lecture was being held and there he was, Chuck! dressed on a blue suit and tie (?) his glasses...and all grey haired!!! (it suits him well though). As I walked into the room (a small crowd was 15 persons) Chuck said "ok..everyones here...let´s get to bussiness" he guide us though the room to the outside and stand beside a little pool of water that was on the ground. It was like a little lake. (have you seen "house of flying daggers"? do you remember the little pool in wich the lady bath herself? it was like that the same kind of enviroment) Chuck kneeled beside it and start to summon creatures, fist squirrels and stuff like that and later on bears, and dinosaurs they all came out of the water. After some minutes he told us to go where we came and do not tell anybody what we just seen.
And that it that..pretty wierd dream.
and the thing is... heres a new thread so post your dreams about chuck here if you pleased.