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Donna Tart

I just finished The Secret History and really enjoyed it. It did not suprise me that the writer had connections with Bret Easton Ellis, as they write quite similar... except Tart has a better usage of paragraphs.

[U]My brief synopsis of The Secret History:[/U]
The Secret History is about a young man called Richard who has just transferred to Hampden university. Hampden is a prestigious university, where the average student has more money than they know what to do with. Unlike many of the students, Richard has had more of an oppressive upbringing, certainly not prestigious. After much prevail, Richard manages get a place in the very selective class of Classics at Hampden. The Classics kids are somewhat looked upon with an air of disdain by the rest of the campus. Other members of the Hampden faculty try to look at Julian's (their teacher's) teachings vigilantly. Alas, Julian's eccentric teachings (which prove to be very malleable on his students) lead to Richard's questioning of his classmates and his own integrity.

I'm looking forward to reading her other book, My Little Friend very much.
Has anyone else read any Donna Tart?