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Don Quixote and The Legend of Zelda

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I've posted before about my snior lit thesis about videogames and narrative. Currently, I'm writing about The Legend of Zelda which I argue is the first videogame narrative. In order to give Zelda some literary merit, I was planning on comparing common themes in it as well as respected literature. For some reason, I chose Don Quixote and now I'm trying to make it fit. It makes sense on some level, Don Quixote's is considered the first novel, I'm saying that Zelda is the first videogame narrative, they are both romantic fantasies involving a courageous hero facing overwhelming odds and a damsel in distress.

As I said, I'm working/forcing it to the best of my ability. I was wondering if any of you think that it's a worthy comparison or if any DQ experts out there had some passages off the top of their heads would be of any help.