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Does it get better...?

This book is just starting to seem like any other book; nothing like any of the other Palahniuk books, which I've enjoyed immensley. Lullaby, Haunted, Choke, even Invisible Monsters (I'm reasding it on the side... for 'fun':p ) were some of the best books I've ever read, and couldn't stop reading them. However, with Rant, it seems like I'm only reading it when I have nothing better to do, if not just for the sake of finishing it.

I'm at chapter 10, by the way.

It just doesn't seem like Rant can really be [B][I]that[/I][/B] bad. I mean, everyone on here seems to love it, and apparently Chuck is looking to make a couple sequels as well.

So, if I've read this far and am still not interested is the book even worth reading? Or should I just quit it for now and go back to Invisible Monsters?