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does anyone ave te time to complete a quick interview ?

heyy this may seem totally weird but i could really use the help and need to find a "expert" on the books
invisible monsters and fight club for a paper im writing and the members of his fansite seems
like a good place to start...would you mind answering 5 interview questions
for me?

1) When you read fight club did it make you feel any differently about or make you recognize the pitfalls of the male gender roles.
2) Do you think identifying gender roles was one of Palahniuk’s goals when he wrote fight club?
3) Do you believe he portrayed gender roles as something that affects us in our daily lives?
4) Do you think it is possible to change ourselves so that we do not live with our gender role?
5) If yes, do you think that Palahniuk’s books are a possible way to accomplish that?