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Do you think (some) video games are art?

First, say how you define art, then say why video games do or don't qualify.

personally, I think that art can be defined as regression, expression can be defined as innovation, and nostalgia would be when you aren't suspicious of either. When you analyze video games under that philosophy, only a few games can actually be considered art. So I think that only some video games could qualify. However, I will admit that some games like Metroid Prime seem more well made than just about any movie I have ever seen.

Yes, I do know what Chuck Palahniuck's opinion is on video games and I just can't forgive, understand, condone, or even pity such apathy. Nobody plays frikkin' Pac-Man anymore.

Note: Please do not say your opinion if you haven't played video games in more than a decade. They changed a bit...