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Do you still buy music?

If so, in what format? CDs, Vinyl, paid MP3 downloads?

I think I've bought 2 new CDs this year so far, and I doubt that number will increase dramatically in the remaining months of the year. I don't pay for MP3's (why would I pay for what I can get for free?), my main problem with this is that a lot of paid downloads, itunes store, etc are shitty bit rates.. though I have noticed a lot of places are offering 320 rips now.

However I have been buying a lot of records lately - new and old stuff. Mostly older, because it's easier and cheaper to buy old vinyl than new, and because I get a kick out of hearing the album as it was originally intended to be heard. (A lot of new albums aren't necessarily correctly mastered for vinyl, even if they are released on vinyl. Many companies just press a record from a CD master, and it sounds shitty... anyway I'm getting off-track here.) My husband and I went to a record fair yesterday and we picked up some pretty nice stuff, I think about 13 records in total. We enjoy collecting and seeking out records together and we certainly take more time out to really listen to an album if we put a record on, as opposed to a CD or playing MP3's through the computer.

How about you guys?