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Do I need another social networking site? This one, YES!

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Hello there!

I'm a librarian from the Chicago are and am finally joining The Cult.

I think the first book of Chuck's that i read was Choke. After that i was hooked. I probably read it after I saw the movie Fight Club. My favorite book so far is Diary, although I also loved Haunted, and the audiobook of Survivor (The literal voice of the narrator is perfect, and I love Chuck's "voice" as a writer). Oh, and btw, as I'm new, I was wondering: do we refer to him as Chuck?

I forget what else I'm supposed to say here. I'm a woman; I'm addicted to Second Life; I don't read as much as I should, but I do read everything that Mr. Palahniuk puts out.


Stacks Kowalski