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Discussion 3/05: Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland

Questions to consider for the OCBC discussion of Douglas Coupland’s Eleanor Rigby as posted by [URL=]Riddlegimp[/URL], this month's Discussion Leader:

- "People look at me and forget I'm here." - How effective is Coupland’s portrayal of loneliness?

- How believable is the relationship between Liz and Jeremy?

- Is Eleanor Rigby a modern fable? Does it have a moral or a lesson to learn?

- Are Coupland's characters fully-rounded people, or mouthpieces for snippets of philosophy and social commentary?

- If you have read any of Coupland’s other books, what themes or techniques can you see in common between them and Eleanor Rigby?

- Is there anything about Eleanor Rigby that marks a change in Coupland’s style or thematic concerns?

- Is this a more hopeful book that previous Coupland novels?

- Could Coupland’s style in Eleanor Rigby be classified as magical realism, minimalism – or anything else?