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Diets, Exercise, Vitamin pills, ''Clean/Healthy'' eating = Pointless and Useless.

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You can never change your genetics that's a guaranteed fact/statement.

It doesn't matter how much exercise or how many vitamin pills you swallow or how many protein shakes you drink or how healthy you eat and how ''organic'', it doesn't matter what weekly diet you follow, you can't change your genetics.

Your genetics determine your entire health and genetics decide when you die.

You could be the healthiest human being alive and die of a heart attack caused by your genetics, you could use two lighters a day on cigarettes and live until 90, it's your genetics.

Looks = Genetics.

IQ = Genetics.

Personality = Genetics.

Success = Genetics.

Penis size = Genetics.

Body = Genetics.

Health = Genetics.

You can't deny it because it's impossible.

If you have bad hair genetics and you start losing hair then no product will do anything for you because you can't change your genetics.

If you have a small penis and you want a bigger one then you should give up because no pill will change your penis genetics.

There is no difference between ''healthy'' and ''unhealthy'' food, it's up to your genetics to decide how it reacts to it.

Everything is genetics and you can't change them.

Why do people still fall for these scams?(LOL)