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Diablo 2 + Expansion.

So i've been experiencing extreme nostalgia lately for Diablo 2 (in general, LOD included) although i don't have any cd keys, and am too tight on cash right now to make a purchase, so i was wondering if anyone happens to have some Diablo 2 CD keys they'd be willing to part with?
please, it would be greatly appreciated.
I DO have warcraft 3 and warcraft 3 frozen throne cd keys, with which i could part with if someone is interested in making that trade. As long as you have an authentic CD key, you need only to go to the blizzard site, type it in and voila, the game client is right there on the site available for download.

This would be much appreciated, as i want to play the game so bad.
Any takers?
PM me if your interested,