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Developing Ideas

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how does one come up with a story idea? how do you develop that into a full story? this seems to be my problem. or at least, one of them. I have some ideas, good one. (well, they seem good to me). but thats all I really have: ideas.

I had a dream a long time ago and only one part really stuck: I, or maybe it was me as a woman, was at some place, like a reststop, and it was at night and empty. a phone rang. I answered it and an ominous voice on the other end just says, "Im coming."

pretty lynchian if you ask me.

so, how could I develop that one small scene into a full story? where does it begin? who is this person answering? who is on the other end? or what is on the other end? what happens next? how does it end?