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Hi everyone, my name's Alan. I've been lurking for a while, originally found this website via Jeremy Robert Johnson's links on his website, though I knew of Chuck's work long before that.

The first Palahniuk book I read was "Lullaby," and now it's in my top five of most-recommended books to others. "Diary" continued my singing his praise.

As for myself, I run a zine distro and independent media website at [url][/url] and I'm a contributing writer to [I]Verbicide Magazine[/I] and [I]Zine World[/I]. I also self-publish a lot of my own writing in zine format (photocopied sheets of paper folded and stapled).

It'll be nice joining in some of the conversations instead of just reading them. Of course, looking forward to "Rant" as much as anyone here. =)