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Deliver me....a place to just let it out


Oh Tyler deliver me,
deliever me from 100$ basketball shoes, deliver me from 150$ pants made to look thrift stylish, deliver me from Ecco, Exco and Tommy.
Deliver me from Hugo, Gillette, an Herbal Essences, which will inhance my performance,smell and texture to "standard" smoothiness.
Tyler deliver me from rooms with 30 occupants all worried with what university they'll get into, what mark they'll get returned to them, but most of all if their Levi's jeans match their "BITCH" marked tank top. Deliver me from flashy cars, thumping music, and "ghetto" people.
Deliver me Tyler, deliver me.
Deliver me from hockey, deliver me form basketball, deliver me from football and rugby. Deliver me from everyone who thinks im too cool for them and that im anti-social. Deliver me from all the anti-socials who think im too popular for them. Deliver me from all of those who think I care.
Deliver me from internet insults, cyber text messaging, email, networking, mainframes, megabytes, mouses and fonts that have shown me ten variations of red.
Oh Tyler deliver me.