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dear tech and linux folk, wanna put linux on my hp 1030nr netbook

okay, so i got a netbook. the hp 1030nr with the 16gb ssd and the two gig disk on key thingy. also plugged in a four gig flash card i bought for ten bux and use that to store all of my programs except my os. it is fast, but after running through twenty submissions, opening and reading and closing, it's just too much for the little guy. and i have heard that linux uses far less processing power as an os than xp. and it's an open source program, so i should be able to find it for free and dl it. but i have a few concerns.


1, will i come across any major stumps

2, will it fuck with my 802.11b/g WLAN

3, will it work just fine with my current att wireless router

4, does it keep kookies the same way firefox runs now

5, basically, am i setting myself up for a world of hurt

thanks and your thoughts are appreciated