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Dear Miss Irina Marina, I have a Question for you.

You just got off an 11 hour shift, with a piss poor lunch and half assed breaks. You make your way to the closest bar you can, trying to avoid the rain which hasnt stopped in weeks. The puddles are constant and you can only hope that your socks won't stay soggy all night. The door of the The Jolly Roger, or the Olly Ogger depending on how the neon sign is feeling, sticks as you try to open it and you stumble in. The bartender's mechanic shirt reads Stew but he introduced himself as "Rob" when you order a drink. You sit down in the back after ordering 2 eggs with hashbrowns and toast. There are 4 pinball machines blinking on the far wall and to your amazment one of them says it has a free game, you are not about to pass this up. As you walk up to the game the door slams open and in walks a horse. Snorting at the bartender and shaking off the rain he manages to sit down at the bar.
What is the horses name, and how did you order your eggs?

Our dear friend here was left out of the strange questions most new folks get asked. So I figured this was a decent way to make up for it.