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David Foster Wallace

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Hello all, I'm fairly new here and need a bit of counseling. I see DFW mentioned often here and decide a while ago that I wanted to dive into his work. With that in mind I purchased, Infinite Jest, Girl with Curious Hair, and Brief Conversations with Hideous Men. I started Jest and have found myself stalled at page 40ish the most prevalent reason being, it feels really over my head, I have to reread sections quite a bit and I am just not really grasping the style of the work. That said 40 pages isn’t much but I was wondering if someone here who has read multiple books by the author could or would recommend starting with something less daunting to get a feel for the way DFW writes.
Any help is appreciated, and please feel free to recommend a book not listed if you feel as though it is a better introduction than Curious Hair or Brief Conversations.