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Damn I love 2nd hand bookshops.

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So, we have local council elections here in my state, and voting is compulsory in Australia. Therefore, to reward myself for doing my part for democracy, I spent a while in a 2nd hand bookshop here in Newcastle. I came out with a veritable shitload of books which I am pretty happy about.

I got the following, in potential reading/excitement order.

[B]1. Tim O'Brien - The Things They Carried[/B] (Read the first story a long time ago, and was hooked)

[B]2. Tim O'Brien - The Nuclear Age[/B]

[B]3. Bret Easton Ellis - Glamorama [/B] (Never read any Ellis - I guess I should have started with an earlier book, but fuck it, this will do.)

[B]4. James Ellroy - My Dark Places[/B] (Only read American Tabloid, which I loved)

[B]5. Max Barry - Syrup[/B] (I thought Jennifer Government was pretty uninspiring to be honest, but I have heard this is pretty good; though, probably from the same people who foamed over JG.)

[B]6. Kurt Vonnegut - Breakfast of Champions[/B] (I just finished Slaughterhouse 5, so this will be my next Vonnegut)

[B]7. Michael Chabon - Wonder Boys[/B] (Cavalier and Klay is one of my favourite books from the past few years, and I love the Wonder Boys movie)

[B]8. JG Ballard - Crash[/B] (Finally got a copy of this)

[B]9. Douglas Coupland - All Families are Psychotic[/B] (Thought it was about time to read something of his. Good/Bad choice?)

[B]10. Anthony Burgess - Honey for the Bears[/B]

[B]11. John O'Hara - BUtterfield 8 [/B] (His 'The Cape Cod Lighter' contains some great short stories, so been looking for more O'Hara - he seems a bit unappreciated these days???)

[B]12. Martin Amis - The Rachel Papers[/B] (Can't believe I haven't read any of his work before).

[B]13. Hemingway - A Farewell to Arms[/B] (ditto).

[B]14. Flann O'Brien - The Third Policeman [/B] (Never read any of his stuff, but I have heard that this is very funny)

[B]15. Ian McEwan - Atonement[/B]

I had been hoping to get some more Pynchon and Delillo, but they only had Vineland and Running Dog, which I have read. But that's it for me, no more shopping. I already have a long reading list.

So, anyone else recently spend some hard earned in a bookshop, and come away with anything exciting?