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"No matter how cynical I get, I can't keep up" -- Lily Tomlin

Awesome quote, not sure if it's attributed to the correct person, I just saw it somewhere and liked it, so yeah... That's who they say said it.

Anyhow... I'm going somewhere with this, promise.

"4/24/03 [URL=]Cruise ship will not be allowed to touch US soil until fully searched.[/URL] What incredible timing! Hawaii's Governor Lingle had just publicly stated her opinion that Hawaii was far safer than the US mainland, and for that reason had refused to go along with the up-and-down alert status, primarily because of the impact the un-reimbursed expenses were having on Hawaii's already over-stressed budget. And sure enough, we get a "booga booga" not only here in Hawaii, but right in the heart of the tourism industry as well. This sends a clear warning to the other state governors that they had better toe the line in the charade to keep the American people too scared to ask embarrassing questions, like where ARE those WMDs we invaded Iraq over!"

This was in regards to some Cruise ship that they found 'threatening notes' on. So it got detained for a while and all that. Anyhow.. Fuck, okay, what the guy says about it, next to the link, is kinda crazy, I guess, but shit, it's so hard not to believe it. I mean seriously, like the first quote I put up.. No matter how cynical you get, you just can't keep up with how ridiculously corrupt everything is, and how the fuck can you put crap like this past our government? God, it's ridiculous. I mean seriously.

Okay. So let's go back in time a bit. US declares War against Terrorism. Some countries aren't exactly going along with this idea.

So Al Qaeda lashes out and just so happens to hit only countries that are quite opposed to the US plan. Why the hell would Al Qaeda do this? Let's piss off the WHOLE world? No way, they would be glad that they had alienated the US and that nobody gave a shit, and keep picking on the US, right? I mean, that makes a hell of a lot more sense to me.

Instead they hit the night club in Bali, Indonesia, a huge muslim country that wasn't cooperating with the US. Indonesian officials say explosives used was C fucking 4, which is the primary explosive WE use, but then US officials come in and take over and change the story to it being some sort of other explosive, that of course, they know Al Qaeda has a shitload of. Blah.

Then a FRENCH oil tanker gets attacked.
Car bomb in Moscow.
Hostage situation in Moscow theatre.

A few more I can't remember off the top of my head... But look at that, France & Russia, two of the biggest opponents to US policy get attacked by terrorism. Most of the attacks were timed before big meetings and such, where the US planned to bring up new proposals and such.

Then we had the anthrax scares. Targeting congressmen just before the Patriot Act is going to be voted on... Then the death of Wellstone, one of the most outspoken critics of the Bush admin right before the '02 elections.

God dammit... It's all loony conspiracy talk, but fuck if it's not believable, and my respect of humanity as a species is just not nearly enough to keep me from putting any of this beyond the jerk offs in power.