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customer stories


(props to moe.ron for inspiring this thread)

most of us have or do work in some branch of the service industry...therefore we all must have some pretty good stories about customers...

this is the thread to share the pain/humor that goes with those stories.

i'll start.

i work at a video store and there is a regular customer who's last name is Digby. I fucking hate Digby. He is always a jerk. here is my first encounter with digby.
digby is the type of father that thinks he is a good dad by bringing his son in to rent a bunch of movies. the kid likes movies, the dad doesn't have to see/hear the kid for hours, everyone wins. digby's son was renting some MST3000 movies from the cult section (i work at a video store) and it happened to be that cult movies were 2 for 1, so i told him to go get another movie.
digby waited up at the counter for his son to come back up, i started reading through all the notes on his account and saw that he was mean to a lot of other people that worked at the store, but i wanted to give him a fair chance. i started making small talk with him while we waited and he seemed like an okay guy. then, the moment when his 13 or so year old son came back to the counter with his movie digby says,
"if you were 20 years older, or I was 20 years younger...i would ask you out"
i was quite repulsed by this statement, but i never know what to do in these situations so i just nervously laughed and tried to get him out of the store as fast as possible.
then i had to take the movies over to the door...before digby leaves, he adds (still in front of his son)
"Looks like after what I just said, you put a little extra BOUNCE in your step"
i was so grossed out. i just shoved the movies at him and said "Due Tuesday" and ran and hid behind the counter.
i hate digby so much.

i have so many better stories than this, but i want to hear some of yours! post away, we service people need to stick together!!!

coming soon MEAT-PIE MAN story and "ARE YOU CALLING ME A PLAYER???"

this will be fun...