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The Curse Of Jezebel & Other Tales

 This is the book by Deleon Demilcoli. He is the author of Lick Me (which is another book I suggest reading). It comes out May 1st. But is already available on Amazon. He also just put up a website that has some short stories and other stuff. 


What would you do if your best imaginary friend befriended you so he could live out his dream as a backyard wrestler? What if you were compulsively unstable from a chick and needed assistance to commit suicide, so you turned to news reports that speak of daily homicides throughout the city and write them down like a bullet point Go-To List? How would you feel babysitting a high profile pop star that gets in more trouble than a hotel heiress on amphetamines, stealing a pimp’s biggest money-making prostitute known as Friday Night?

These are the stories that bleed across the page like a ripped vein, skipping across genres to never leave a dull moment. The Curse of Jezebel & Other Tales is your answer to boring literature.