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Curious Case of Charles Casey

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I just read Rant, and loved it, but a couple of things are still unclear to me. Maybe this is a newbie thing, but i haven't seen anything on this board explaining this so here goes:

What we know

1)Charles Casey is Green Taylor Sims. 23 year old Charles fash-backed when 8 year old Echo's mom collided with him. Assuming Rant and Echo are about the same age, this also means that insofar as Charles and Rant exist at the same time, Charles is about 15 years older than rant.

2)Green Taylor Sims is Rant's father. He raped Irene

3)Rant is Chester. Rant goes back in time and helps Irene after she was raped and she refers to him as Chet. He then goes on to raise rant as if rant were his son. This is also substantiated by their having the same DNA and looking alike, and Chester knowing things about Rant he shouldn't et cetera.

4) Chester/Rant is Green Taylor Sims. We know this because when Sims rapes Hattie, he feels himself change, implying that he is his own ancestor, and that he knows about all of Rant's scars et cetera.

Okay, so who is Charles Casey? Charles is Sims, Chester is Rant and Rant is also Sims, So Charles must be one manifestation of the Rant super-character.

Let's follow the time line of Rant's life:

Rant is born, and 19 years later
Rant time traveled back to become Chet. Chet remains as Rant's Father for at least another 19 years, until rant leaves for the city. So now Rant (As Chester) is around 38 years old, and it's too late for him to move to the city for college and work for the city government and flashback to become Green Taylor sims. Chester is already 19 years older than rant, so he couldn't ever be Charles.

I'm having a hard time pinning down just who (When) Charles is. We know everything that rant's done till the age of 19, and we know pretty much everything Chester (rant again) did for those same 19 years, so we have a complete 38 year record of the personal history of Buster Casey as he lives as
Rant and then as Chester, but when and how does he become Charles in order to become Sims in order to rape Irene in order to create that super-powered Rant in the first place?

Any corrections are welcomed. Thank you for your thoughts