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The Cup Chuck stole from The Conan O'Brien Show

The cup Chuck Palahniuk stole from his appearance on The Conan O'Brien Show

So a few Years back Robin from St. Helens Book Shop gave me this mug all nicely wrapped in a box with this letter and also a signed Von Chuck hat (sorry i forgot that picture). One of her friends won it in an action but realized she had no room for it. Considering that at that time Robin was in charge of all the Chuck orders, it was passed along to her, and being that she knew I would appreciate it, it ended up in my hands.

With this new auction coming up, and Conan being no more. I decided it was about time to share some images (below) with you fine folks.  Sorry for the poor quality, my scanner is on the fritz and I had to take pictures instead.

Sorry this isn't up for action though. Just thought people might enjoy this.