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Hello all,

My other day job, besides working on The Cult, is doing online marketing for a web design company.  The president of the company (and my boss) has recently completed a passion project that him and a friend funded and conceptualized themselves.  It's a social networking site called Culture Clique.  Now, before you go running for the hills at the mention of "another social networking" site, just please trust and believe me that I wouldn't be wasting your time here if I didn't think this site offered something a little different than the rest.

The basic premise of Culture Clique is that you write and submit reviews on your favorite things.  Video games, TV shows, Movies, Books, Authors, Cars, Sports, etc.  But where the site does it different is, you form cliques and invite friends into your network based on similar interests.  The site operates under the fundamental belief that, you'll always trust a friend's review over a critics.  If someone you know and consider your friend tells you to check out the show 'Mad Men' (and you should), that might be enough to get you to check it out... rather than AMC itself telling you how great it is, and how many Golden Globes it won, via a commercial spot.

Culture Clique

The site aims to become the web's fastest free resource of reviews.

This post isn't promotion for Culture Clique though.  Rather, I'm inviting you all to check out the site so you can tell me where it succeeds, where it fails, where it can use some love... and basically, if it all makes sense to you.  This isn't going to be a questionaire.  But please, after you've created a free account and spent enough time on the site, be thorough with your feedback and critique.  The site is still in a 'soft beta release' phase.  So we have the time to work out kinks still.

So go check it out please:

Then feedback it here in this thread.  Thanks, all!