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Cult Meet-Up - NYC May 31st Reading!


Hey everyone,

Now I know we have a ton of NY Chuck fans. Even fans in the tri-state area who will definitely be coming to Chuck's May 31st reading of [b][i]Haunted[/i][/b] at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square.

And every year this goes down, there are always people who post here wanting to meet up with other Chuck fans after and before the event.

Well, this year we're finally going to attempt to orchestrate this as an official meet-up.

So not only will I be in attendance to hang out, but both Mirka and Kareem, two of your friendly staffers, will also be hanging out. They're both flying in for the reading.

So if you have any interest in doing this, post here and we'll begin assembling our NY chapter of The Cult for some beer and food come May 31st! :D