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Cult future

In some ways it seems like I've discovered this site too late.. I remember hearing about the Chuck Palaniuk writing exercises a few years back, but I was too busy to investigate, and the website slipped my mind.

Now that I've arrived, it seems like this place is a cult in transition, moving away from the Chuck-managed writing coaching into more of a self-sustaining community. I like this idea, and I love the idea of working with visiting instructors in the Masters class (and I'm kicking myself over missing Will Christopher Baer!!).

But as anything in transition, the Cult to me seems to have a questionable future. I think I can see where the website is going, and it looks like a positive direction, but all of the vestigial elements of its old existence still taint the website, and make it sometimes seem like a decaying entity. There are whole sections of the forum that haven't been posted to since 2005, for example. And there is no indication whether there will be another Masters class in the future, since the last one just wrapped up.

I would really like to join the Cult if it means finding a community of dark-minded individuals like myself. But I'm not sure whether the group is dying out or merely reshaping itself. Can you give me a better idea of what you anticipate for the Cult in 2007? Do you expect it to grow, keep offering the same, or shapeshift once again?

That is to say, I can see how the forums would be highly useful, but what about paid membership? Will there continue to be new advice and workshops offered to those who pay?

Thanks for your insight!