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Cross the line..or annihilate it?

I'm working a piece right now, that is based on a real person but the story is fictional. The person is me and the story is what could have been my life (had certain things not come into play). I grew up in somewhat of a religious cult (for the moment, I'll keep what group it is hush) and they are extremely private. If I were to get this story into circulation it could cause a uproar, with my family and with the religious groups. I'm going to write it regardless but I'm having issues with the matter of respect. How much is too much? I tend to go way over the line with most of my writing and I'm not out to hurt people. I'm wondering that since I'm doing it anyway should I go balls out and be 100% honest? I think so, I guess I'm just worried about how it will be received. I don't want to end up on Oprah or something.