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craigslist hooking. and cops, yo!

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we all know law enforcement has been cracking down on craigslist prostitution, for more than two years now (!) and the hookin is still going strong. they arrest so many hookers and johns. according to this article:

a man using words like "snow" and "skiing" was ultimately arrested for offering cocaine for sex. lawyers and doctors, teachers and firefighters. the average joe and the ones with high i.q.'s are getting nabbed, and yet the prostitution runs rampant. is it really a question of how?

i dont think so because there are so many juliettes (de sade's nouvelle, not the romeo one) out there and only so many cops that can dedicate so many hours, and there are a lot of horny men and women out there.

personally, i dont agree with prostitution. sex isnt a service but rather it is a personal connection. that and it's too close to slavery, for me. but i dont knock those who dont feel that way. if society were in perfect order, i could see the desire to go after the vile, evil sinners or whatever. i live a few streets down from an abortion clinic and there are always people pacing back and forth on that corner with signs reading HEY THEYRE KILLING BABIES OVER HERE and i'm sure any one of those biblethumpers would love to get their hands on a prostitute. me, though, i would rather see the money wasted on stinging them and johns spent on better prisons. not that i think killers should be more comfortable but rather we [the people] treat our criminals like dogs to tease for a coming fight. most criminals arent put away for killing. so many that we put away, though, have very little option for rehabilitation. most cats who go in and come out do not come out a better person. ive read enough auto bios and seen enough prisonlife via reality tv to know that prison is not a place to obtain reclamation. and it should be, shouldnt it? so why waste money putting johns and hoes in jails that are already packed instead of spending that money on jails that are already packed?