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Contortionist's Handbook Question (Warning: Possible Spoilers!)

Found out about the book on this site, went to B&N and bought it, read it in two days. Couldn't put it down. Practically free-based it. Ordered [I]Dermaphoria[/I] the next day.

So first off, if you haven't read this book yet, go fix that.

That said, I did have one slight qualm about it, and I'm wondering if anyone else thought the same thing...

Did it seem to end a bit too abruptly?

I mean, I was absolutely hooked for the entire 200 pages, right up to the end... and I love the way it all finally plays out -- the twist is perfect.

But even though it works, all the pieces fit together and everything... I was left with the feeling that he got a little lazy at the end and wrapped everything up in too big of a hurry. Not sure exactly how to explain it... it was just a sense that he might have drawn the climax out a little more.

At the same time, I don't have a suggestion of how he could have done it any better... maybe it was precisely what was called for given the pace and structure of the book. I dunno.

Any thoughts from those who have read it? Do you agree/disagree?