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[Contest] Make Me Laugh!


NOTE: This contest is now over. Thank you for playing!

In honour of this Holy Day, the First of April 2008 CE, do We hereby proclaim this contest open to any and all members of The Cult, mods, admins, etc. included.

The rules are simple: Make me laugh.
The rest is entirely up to you. Tell a joke. Submit a video. Funny picture. ANYTHING. Originality is always funnier than recycling. Caveat: I have an odd sense of humour.

Follows the fine print:

This is not a joke. Contest ends tomorrow (2 April 2009) at 3 p.m. my time (Eastern Daylight Savings - New York time for those of you having trouble). Entries received after then will be mocked or ignored. What constitutes an entry is up to the contestant; use your imagination. Best (funniest) entry as judged by the Judge (Myself) wins. All decisions are final. There will be a prize and it will be awesome (or at least nifty). Prize is non-transferable. Void where prohibited, illegal, immoral, or stupid.