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Confused abot parts of plot

Kevin.Conklin90's picture Kevin.Conklin90
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I have a few questions about the plot of "Choke," bear in mind that there will be SPOILERS ahead!

1. Did Dr. Paige Marshall just completely make up the entire story about Jesus's foreskin and Victor's mom being impregnated with it?

2. If Victor's mom kidnapped him from a stroller when he was an infant, why did she tell Denny (pretending to be Victor) that everything that Victor needs to know about his father is in her diary? Did the diary really just explain how she kidnapped Victor?

3. Is it ever stated exactly how Dr. Marshall escaped the hospital, because when she arrives at the empty lot at the end her medical bracelet is still intact.

4. Could someone simplify the ending for me? Including what Denny was doing with the stones, why the walls he built fell when the audience dropped their stones, and anything else that's really important that happened in the last few chapters?

Thanks you guys, sorry to bomb the forum with questions, but I would really just like to fully understand this book. I am a little upset that the ending of "Choke" was no where near as epic as the ending of "Invisible Monster." Thanks!!