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Conform, it's all you can do.

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It amuses me to think that I wrote that on a park bench the other night.

I'm from Australia, to wrap my personality up briefly, I'm very "incomplete" with a lot of unanswered questions, I have to much free time which leads to me thinking too deeply then spiraling down into a black abyss of apathy. So I tend to write about things. I wasn't sure where to post, so I thought "Hey, I'll just whack it all into a intro thread".

Anyway, so here's something I wrote because a friend of mine told me to write what was on my mind at the time. I didn't proof read it and I constructed it in about 8 minutes, the topic has most likely been covered before, but oh well, here's my contribution to the ever growing ''cult''.

Ignorance is bliss.

I never understood the meaning of this. I remember I first heard this in The Matrix (1999) when Scypher and Agent Smith are sitting down discussing something and he says “Ignorance is bliss”. Then the other night, I continued about my usual Sunday night routine at work of washing tray after tray, encased with chicken fat and oil from deep fryers that had been sitting away in a large warmer, incrusting itself to the surface.

It’s things like washing dishes that gives you that time by yourself. It’s such a routine activity that you no longer need to focus on the task at hand so you can just let your mind wander off into that special place. I was thinking about life after death. Now, this topic has been covered about as many times as Paris Hilton has fans, but you get that, don’t you?

Everyday, it’s the same shit. The same routine exercises, the same walk to the bus stop to catch the same bus to the same run-down school to learn the same shit over and over again. I suppose that’s what life is all about, routine exercises, and no one realizes it, they just walk around and continue to do the same things, over, and over again.

If life is made up of routine exercises, then that would make life itself a routine, baby is born, human dies, baby born, human dies, and so on and so forth. Why do people not realize what is going on around them? Why can’t people see that we’re here for nothing?

It’s ‘cause they’re ignorant. They live in a carefree world, where they don’t have to worry about the afterlife because they have faith in something completely flawed and imaginary. However, if they didn’t have that completely flawed, imaginary character ruling their lives, they would have no direction, and they’d be sent spiraling downward, and thus would turn out, like me.

I wish I had this blindfold over my eyes. I wish I didn’t have to suffer like this, realizing everyone’s flaws, realizing how pointless everything is. I wish I was able to walk around, with my eyes closed and act like I was happy. Act like there was no sudden end, and act like I was going to the golden gates when I died.

Ignorance is bliss.