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Confidence scams

I have a problem with something I've been writing. It's the second draft. First let me say that I'm well versed in a vast array of confidence games, but my problem is that I'm trying to think of a good one to pull on a restaurant. I've written it with the fiddle game in mind.

A fiddle game works like this:

Two con men work together, one going into an expensive restaurant looking down on his luck, eating, and claiming that he left his wallet in his car. As collateral, he leaves his only posession, a violin which he uses to panhandle. Then, the second con man shows up and offers a large sum of money for such a rare instrument. He tells him that he can be back in an hour with his partner who does apraisals. When the "fiddler" comes back, with the money to pay for his meal. The mark, thinking he has an offer on the table, buys the violin from the "fiddler" player who "reluctantly" sells it for around, $600.

My problem is that the fiddle game seems a little dated in my eyes, but I need a scam that requires two people. I obviously don't want to rip off "Choke" which is what my friends kept telling me to do when I originally wrote the scene.

Maybe it's a longshot, but you all seem really helpful so I hope someone has an idea that can help.