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A comparison of Scientology and Budhism

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I recently had a discussion about the similarities of the two with some buddies of mine so I thought I would type out some of my conclusions. They were arguing that Buddhism is such a peaceful and superior faith compared to other religions. Well, I would agree with that if Buddhism weren't the Eastern equivalent of Scientology.

First, both of these religions focus on one's self, much like Madonna and corrupt businessmen. Neither Buddhism nor Scientology is about peace; rather, they are about pleasing yourself because you're the best. How this doesn't strike those persuaded to believe in either faith as arrogant or misguided is beyond comprehension. Paradoxically, if involved with either faith, you will seem peaceful, but NOT because you are actually a benevolent being. It's because you're so focused on your own ding dong that you don't have time for anything else.

Second, both of these religions were invented by science fiction writers. The founder of Buddhism was much like Ron L. Hubbard: he thought about things "outside of the box," and liked telling magnificent stories and seeing people fingerbang each other over them. Therein comes the next mistake of both religions: they want people to wonder in awe. In contrast, Christianity and Islam have stories that people should LEARN FROM. Whereas Buddhism and Scientology just want you to sit there with your jaw dropped. Hardly the things to devote your life to, much less enslave your children with.

Finally, and most importantly, my buddies said, "Well, Scientology requires people to pay, and Buddhism doesn't." You know how statistics lie? This is a similar concept. The reason why Buddhists don't pay is because they don't have anything. You notice that the economies of Asia haven't matched the capitalistic splendor of America. But bet your fucking dollar that if they did have the funding, Buddhists would be paying, and paying gladly.