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I am a pretty big comics fan. Mostly independent stuff. Some of my old favorites are: Preacher, Sandman, Transmetropolitan, Hellblazer. And zombies. I heart zombie stories. :headbang:

I can't do much superhero stuff. I just can't. The closest thing I can take is Batman. I think because he's just a normal guy for the most part. I don't like the whole 'faster than a speeding bullet/web-slinging/genetic mutant' thing.

Anyways, I've been told by more than a few people that I should get into some Manga stuff. Someone once recommended that I read Sanctuary. I went to finally check that out, and was told that it's out of print. Crappers. So the guy at the comic shop said that I might like Crying Freeman and if I didn't, I could return it and throw it in his face.

Anyone else enjoy that one? I thought that the first book was pretty good. Are the others good as well?

Any other recommendations for more gangster/mafia style Manga?
Not looking for "super-strength/hero" styles.
Thanks much.