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Coloredchalk zine: we want your bar stories!!!

All you beautiful Culties, we know you have voices and opposable thumbs; use them!

The delicious bastards populating Write Club and have decided to start a zine unlike most you've ever read (but just like those you haven't).

General Submission guidelines are here:

Issue specific guidelines are here:

For each bi-monthly(ish) issue a single editor will nurture the zine from theme to content selection to layout and design. This approach promises to produce material both diverse and representative of the overall sensibilities of the close-knit group as a whole. Issue 1're readin' him.

And in traditional zine fashion, the small, hand-printed run, will be left on independent bookstore shelves, coffee shop tables, and bar bathroom stalls for the hungry public to destroy. Also, the stories will appear online at [url][/url] along with a downloadable .pdf to support your own guerrilla distribution desires.

Remember, literature survives to the degree that its lovers force pages upon unsuspecting strangers.