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Colored Chalk #9 is LIVE - Heaven and Hell

The latest issue of Colored Chalk is up, I edited and designed it.

#9 the Heaven and Hell issue is now live at so go check it out and spread the word.

Lots of great voices from here and the Velvet including Vincent Louis Carrella, Craig Wallwork, Christopher Dwyer, M. Kilbain Lazer, Michael Paul Gonzalez, Gavin Pate, Nik Korpon, Kara Kilgore, and Gayle Towell. Give Jason Heim a big round of applause too.

Also, we got Karen Brown, who had a great story "Galatea" in this year's 2008 Best American Short Stories.

Hope you enjoy it.


PS-Cover art by Mark Wilkinson (

PSS-OH and special thanks to Pica for her photographic contributions as well as help at Flickr recruiting others to help out as well - Barbara you're the best!