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College Scholars Thesis

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I am a Senior in college and for my Scholars Thesis (similar to a Masters thesis, I have to defend this paper in front of the entire department) I have chosen to exmaine the works of Chuck Palahniuk.

The title of my paper is: "Aesthetics of Debauchery: The Counter-Culture's Answer to a Popular Visual Culture" in which I will demonstrate how Phalaniuk's novels provide a counter-culture examination of  popular culture's effect of society and the repercussions of said influences. My main areas of concentration within popular culture will be television and consumer marketing. My heavy hitting novels will be Invisible Monsters, Choke, Fight Club and Survivor; with Diary and Stranger than Fiction as peripherally consulted works.

Why I am posting here is that I would like as much opinion and suggestions as you have to offer. This is a rather ambitious and encompassing paper (it will be approx. 70 pages), so any and all comments suggestions that you have are more than welcome. It could range from additional works that you think that I should look at, specific quotes that you think would be good or even opinions as to the possible restructuring of my arguement.

I will be more than happy to post some of my work as it comes along if anyone is interested so that you can see my train of thought.


Thanks in advance, I know this is a rather odd request.