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Club Consensus - Experimental Novels

We are all aware of Danielewski and I am sure that many of us know of Brunner ([I]Stand On Zanzibar, The Sheep Look Up,[/I] and [I]The Shockwave Rider[/I]) but are there any other authors exploring alternative approaches in fiction? Authors that play with the actual concept of a novel.

There are a few that I've been reading about, but have yet to begin any of their work. What do you guys think of these authors?

-Georges Perec ([I]Life: A User's Manual[/I]; [I]A Void[/I])
-William H Gass ([I]The Tunnel[/I])
-William Gaddis ([I]JR[/I]; [I]The Recognitions[/I])
-Alain Robbe-Grillet ([I]The Erasers[/I]; [I]Jealousy[/I]; [I]The Voyeur[/I])
-Kathy Acker ([I]Blood and Guts in High School[/I])

There are more, that of which I do know, but I'm drawing a blank. There's likely a world of complex fiction, and non-fiction, out there. Anyone know of other authors breaking the mold?